Food for large and very large dogs

How big is your dog? This depends on the height at its withers (this is the area where the dog’s neck and shoulders meet) and its weight. We use this to define three different categories: (1) small, (2) medium, (3) large and very large dogs.

If your dog’s height at the withers is between 45 cm and 60 cm and (as an adult) weighs between 25 kg and 45 kg, we class this as a large dog.
If your dog’s height at the withers is over 60 cm and (as an adult) weighs more than 45 kg, we class this as a very large dog.



A puppy has a greater energy requirement than an adult dog. Tune the dog food well to the age of your dog.

  • Puppy
    Because puppies have to build lots of new tissue, they have higher energy requirements than adult dogs.
  • Adult
    An adult dog requires high-fiber food that is easily digestible and low in calories.
  • Senior
    Food with fat-burning properties that reduces joint stiffness and boosts the immune system is the best option for older dogs.


To which category does your dog belong? That depends on his height at its withers and weight.

  • Small
    Withers < 30 cm
    (Adult) weight < 10 kg
    Adult from +/- 10 months
Small breed dogs
  • Medium
    Withers 30 cm – 50 cm
    (Adult) weight : 10 kg - 25 kg
    Adult from +/- 12 months
Medium breed dogs
  • Large
    Withers 45 - 60 cm
    (Adult) weight : 25 kg - 45 kg
    Adult from +/- 18 months
    Very large
    Withers > 60 cm
    (Adult) weight > 45 kg
    Adult from +/- 24 months
Large and extra large breed dogs


Dog food specially developed for dogs with specific needs, such as allergies or a sensitive metabolism.

  • Sensitive skin or coat
    Dog food that provides the right balance of nutrients for dogs with sensitive skin and coat.

  • High energy
    Specially made for very active dogs, dogs recovering from surgery, and pregnant or nursing dogs.

  • Gluten free
    Delicious dog food without wheat.

  • Grain-free

  • Weight control
    Diet food for dogs struggling to maintain a healthy weight.

  • Pregnant
    High-quality food for pregnant dogs.

  • Sterilised or castrated dogs
    Special mix for neutered dogs that helps keep their weight under control.


What food do you give your dog, and when? An overview of the different categories.

  • Snacks
    A dog who has learned a new trick, deserves a treat. Take your pick from our various flavours.
  • Supplement
    Little extras that give your dog's immune system a tremendous boost.
  • Food
    Super nutritious daily dog food of the highest quality.
Product range
  • Sensational
    Superfoods. Packed with fresh meat or fish, supplemented with plenty of vegatables, fruits and herbs.
  • Original
    Premium food. Quality food for an entire lifetime: from puppy to senior.
  • Functional
    Food with specific needs. The go-to choice for skin and coat problems, a sensitive stomach or higher energy requirements after neutering

The best food for your dog!

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