Functional is the perfect grain free food for adult dogs with specific needs, such as a sensitive stomach or skin and coat problems, and for adult dogs that have been sterilized or castrated.

Functional: the name of this product says it all. It contains functional ingredients that not only tackle specific problems your dog may be struggling with, but also boost their general health. That means our Functional range can also be given to prevent these problems occurring.

Thanks to this pet food, you can treat your dog to natural antioxidants from a unique blend of herbal extracts. These goodies, such as turmeric, rosemary, clove, grape seed extract and citrus, help your pet build up an excellent and stable immune system.

In addition, Functional contains a superb blend of the prebiotics FOS, MOS and XOS. This combination of soluble and insoluble fibre supports digestive health.

Meat or fish forms the main ingredient of our Functional food – and with good reason. After all, it is the most important source of essential amino acids and actively contributes to digestion.

Our Functional products are completely grain free. Instead of energy from grain, they give your dog energy from potatoes and vegetables. This is because some dogs do not respond well to grains. What is more, potatoes and vegetables have high levels of vitamin C.

Dogs with sensitive skins or coats benefit from high-quality proteins that minimise the risk of an allergic reaction. In Derma+, these proteins come from salmon. Together with Antarctic krill and fish oil, this premium ingredient guarantees an ideal omega-6 to omega-3 ratio and sufficient EPA and DHA intake for a healthy skin and coat. Zinc, biotin and L-tyrosine are other important ingredients. We add the latter amino acid to Derma+ to prevent the loss of coat colour. This food range is completely grain and dairy free.

The prebiotic dietary fibre types FOS, MOS and XOS contribute to a healthy digestive system. In addition, Digestion+ contains psyllium fibre that absorbs excess water in the intestines, increasing stool bulk. Finally, the beet pulp fibre guarantees a slower digestion and hence a better nutrient intake. Digestion+ is packed with deer meat and potato to ensure your dog gets all the protein and energy they need.

Dogs that have been sterilized or castrated experience changes in hormone levels and often in their metabolism, too. This may put them at risk of obesity. In contrast to overweight dogs whose condition is due to excessive eating, neutered dogs need special food for the rest of their lives to retain a healthy weight. Sterilized+ is supplemented with L-carnitine (500 mg per kilo). Combined with a high protein level, this helps burn fat and preserve muscle mass. The higher levels of protein and L-carnitine are what set Sterilized+ apart from Light foods.

This food contains high levels of protein (30%) and fat (20%) for muscle maintenance and long-lasting energy. Moreover, the prebiotics and high doses of vitamin C and E are a treat for your dog’s intestines and immune system. This is crucial in periods of stress, intense efforts and recovery. As a high-energy food, it is also perfectly suitable for pregnant or lactating dogs, or dogs that live in cold climates. Last but not least, the glucosamine and chondroitin in Energy+ help keep your pet’s joints flexible and strong.



A puppy has a greater energy requirement than an adult dog. Adjust the dog food well to the age of your dog.

  • Puppy
    Because puppies have to grow, they have higher energy requirements than adult dogs.
  • Adult
    An adult dog requires easily digestible food which will support his health.
  • Senior
    Senior dogs can benefit from a diet containing nutrients that help burn fat, support healthy joints, strengthen the immune system and contribute to good cognitive function.


To which category does your dog belong? That depends on his height at its withers and weight.

  • Small
    Withers < 30 cm
    (Adult) weight < 10 kg

Small breed dogs
  • Medium
    Withers 30 cm – 50 cm
    (Adult) weight : 10 kg - 25 kg
Medium breed dogs
  • Large
    Withers 45 - 60 cm
    (Adult) weight : 25 kg - 45 kg

    Withers > 60 cm
    (Adult) weight > 45 kg
Large and extra large breed dogs

Specific needs

Proactive health support. Optimal immunity, digestion and skin & coat.

  • Optimal digestion
    Nutrition for sensitive stomach and gut.

  • Optimal skin & coat
    Nutrition with a boost for the sensitive skin & coat.

  • High energy level
    Nutrition for active (sport)dogs and recovery after injury, illness or surgery. 

  • Gluten-free
    Delicious nutrition without gluten-containing grains.

  • Grain-free
    Delicious nutrition without grains.

  • Weight control
    Nutrition for dogs with a tendency to become overweight.

  • Pregnant
    High energetic nutrition for pregnant dogs.

  • Sterilized or neutered dogs
    Specially formulated for weight management of sterilized or neutered dogs while retaining muscle mass.

  • Superfoods
    Superfoods for superdogs, with fruits, vegetables and fresh meat or fresh fish.


What do you give your dog, and when? Overview of the different categories.

  • Food
    Super premium dog food for the health of your dog.
  • Snacks
    A dog who has learned a new trick, deserves a treat. Take your pick from our various flavours.
  • Supplement
    Extra for the joints - on top of the ingredients present in the food.
Product range

Product range

  • Original
    Balanced food your dog’s daily needs.

  • Functional
    Next level dog nutrition. The sensible choice for extra support.

  • Sensational
    Superfoods. Naturally delicious for superdogs.

More tips, news and nutritional advice? 

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